“Dedicated to the support of St. Joseph School”

Founded in 1976, the St. Joseph School Endowment and Charitable Trust is a private, secular, non-profit fund established to provide financial aid and support to St. Joseph School in Conway, Arkansas. Since 1976, its primary purpose has been to provide a permanent, supplemental income for the school. The success is evident. Over the years, the Endowment has contributed a total value of $2,893,696 to the school.

An endowment is like a retirement fund; its purpose is to provide income. All contributions to the Endowment are placed to work in a variety of investments where the principal remains intact and only the interest income is utilized to support the school. Each year, the Board of Trustees reviews the amount of income that was earned from the investments and then designates the annual contribution for the school. Ultimately, the St. Joseph School Endowment is a source of permanent, reliable funding for St. Joseph School.


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