Your gift to the St. Joseph Endowment will be used to permanently support quality, Catholic education at St. Joseph School in Conway, AR for generations of children.  A donation to the Endowment is a wonderful tribute for any occasion.  Honor a friend, a teacher, parents or other family members with a gift in their name.  You may also make a donation in your own name, or in memory of a special loved one.  A card will be sent acknowledging your gift to the person or family member you have named.  The amount of the gift will be held in confidence.  All contributions are tax deductible.

The most common gifts are outright gifts.  In addition to cash gifts, St. Joseph School Endowment & Charitable Trust accepts credit cards and gifts of securities, real estate, etc.

You may give an outright charitable contribution by cash, check, or credit card.

Stocks, Bond, or Mutual Fund Shares
Please contact the Endowment for the account information to transfer stock.  The Endowment will sell securities as soon as possible after the transfer.

Real Estate
You can make a contribution of appreciated property such as long-term real estate holdings.  For a property that has decreased in value, it may be better to sell the property and make a cash gift of the proceeds.  There are also ways to make a gift of property and still retain the right to enjoy the use of the property as long as you are alive.  Your financial advisor can assist you in determining the best approach for specific real estate.  The Endowment reserves the right to accept or decline real estate.

Personal Property
The Endowment may accept gifts of personal property, including but not limited to, coin collections, works of art, boats, motor vehicles and other valuable items.