1879 Heritage Society

The 1879 Heritage Society was created by the St. Joseph School Endowment in 1998 when board members realized that, through the years, donors who had made the Endowment the beneficiary of their wills were not formally recognized during their lifetime for their generosity, thoughtfulness and foresight. This society allows us the opportunity to thank you, but it also inspires others to leave their own legacy. This will guarantee the preservation and growth of the school. The name, 1879 Heritage Society, was chosen to commemorate the first year the school was opened.

Membership in the society is open to those donors who make a gift by naming the Endowment a full or partial beneficiary in their:

  • Bequest in a will
  • Life insurance policy
  • Retirement plan
  • Charitable remainder trust
  • Gift Annuity
  • Life estate agreements

The Endowment does not need to be informed of the gift amount, only of the intention. The Endowment holds an annual luncheon to honor the Heritage Society members.


Heritage Members

Harrell & Vivian Bates
Leo & Honorine Bruich
Patsy Bruich
Jeff & Beth Crowder
Mark & Marilyn Dail
John Daven
Henry Dayer
Major Louis & Eula DeMarco
Anna Dye
Gerald & Nettie Elsinger
Rev. Amos Enderlin
Alma Enderlin
Gus & Rose Enderlin
Rev. Joseph Enderlin
Marie Enderlin
Bill & Susan Farris
Herman & Florence Favre
Caroline Favre
Mark & Claranne Ferris
Maria G. Fisher
Joe A. & Rose Freyaldenhoven
Charles Gehrki
Tom & Theresa Gerard
Ed & Dottie Halter
Richard & Kaye Halter
Charlie & Jill Hambuchen
William J & Betty B Hambuchen
Mitch Hart
J.W. “Doc” & Anna Mae “Pete” Hart
Sue O. Heily
Carolyn Ann Henze
John Henze
Paul & Louise “Lou” Hiegel
Al & Mary A. Hiegel
Allen & Jacqueline Kordsmeier
Ray & Cindy Kordsmeier
Raymond & Janet Kordsmeier, Sr.
Arthur & Genevieve Lachowsky
Agnes Lachowsky
Clarence J. Lock
Roy & Lisa Lovell
Joseph V. & Albertine Luyet
Jerome & Albertine Moix
Greg & Charlotte Moix
Maurice & Eleanor Moix
Kevin & Tonya Moix
Jacob “Jake” Molder
Kerry & Joan Molder
Robert D. Nabholz
Greg C. Nabholz
David & Jane Nabholz
Clarence A. Nahlen
Theresa Nahlen
John & Lubomira (Kaczmarczuk) Neal
Bernard & Sue O’Dwyer, Jr.
Sam & Eleanor Olmstead
Ida J. Riedmatten
Mike & Tressie Sartain
Larry & Mary Joe Seiter
Frederic P. ‘Fritz’ & Mary Louise Simon
George & Albertine Simon, Sr.
Mark J. Simon, Sr.
Monica Strack & Edmund Strack
Sloan Swindle
Mahmood & Mary Jo Talaie
David & Christine Thessing
Stephen Troillet
Edgar & Missye Tyler
Robert & Theresa Tyler
Greg & Doris Williams
Joseph A. Worm, Jr.