Lot 6, Brookfield Acre Subdivision (1120 Brookfield Dr, Conway, AR 72032) Open for Bid

Lot 6, Brookfield Acre Subdivision (1120 Brookfield Dr, Conway, AR 72032) has been donated to the St. Joseph School Endowment. The property for bid is offered as is. Minimum bid accepted is $30,000 and property will be sold to the highest bidder over minimum based on their ability to close on the sale within 45 days. Cash in full at closing. Closing expenses will be, each party responsible for their own. Submit sealed bids by May 1, 2017. Contact Jacqueline Kordsmeier at the Endowment office, 501-329-1818 for details.

  • Attached are several documents about the property – Plat of Brookfield subdivision, Plat of Lot 6, Dimensions of Lot 6, Google Earth picture of Brookfield subdivision, Flood plain of Brookfield subdivision, Partial Survey of Lot 6
  • Information attained from Conway City Planning department –
    • Back ½ of lot is in Flood Way, meaning it cannot have any building or reshaping of the land done to it (structure must also be 25ft off flood way line)
    • Front ½ of lot is in Flood Plain
    • Setback from street on plat of 75 ft. for structure
    • Property has approximately 40ft of depth on which a structure could be built
  • In case you cannot make out the dimensions of the lot by the picture they are 263’ street frontage, 235’ on south side, 385’ on north side, 334’ + 25’ along back

The above information has been attained for informational purposes only. The St. Joseph School Endowment & Charitable Trust cannot be held liable for the information provided. Consult experts for specific information.


Sealed bids must be received by Monday, May 1, 2017 at 4:30pm at the Endowment office or via mail to at – SJSE, 1315 College Ave, Conway, AR 72034 to Attn: Jacqueline Kordsmeier, Bid. The land is offered as is. The highest bidder will be notified on May 8, 2017 and should expect to close on the property within 45 days.

Plat of Brookfield SubdivisionDimensions of Lot 6Paritial Survey of Lot 6