The Endowment meets its objective of increasing support to the St. Joseph School by coordinating and implementing programs such as designated funds, special events and a planned giving program all of which are designed to increase the Endowment’s assets. This, in turn, increases the annual distribution the Endowment gives the school. The Endowment is dedicated to the support of the St. Joseph School and is committed to helping provide quality education for all students.

The St. Joseph School Endowment development office focuses on several different appeals in order to raise funds for the Trust. In order to increase annual giving, methods such as direct mail solicitation, donor cultivation, and special events are employed. Personal donor cultivation is implemented through the development director, trustees and volunteers. The majority of the funds raised are a result of personal donor contact and direct mail letters.

​Furthermore, it is the philosophy of the St. Joseph School Endowment that donors make charitable gifts to an institution based on their genuine desire to support the work of an organization. Philanthropy is a tradition of giving and sharing that merits the full respect and trust of the general public. Therefore, ‘donor-first’ is the driving philosophy for the St. Joseph School Endowment development effort. ​